Address Your Stress

Living in this modern world has conditioned us to accept and adapt to a certain level of stress. Many of us have become unaware of the affects stress can have on the mind and body.  When our nervous system goes into overdrive, this increases our cortisol levels, tension and inevitably wearing our immunity down. Stress and anxiety can manifest within the body in different ways. Most people don’t often recognise they are stressed until physical or emotional symptoms become too difficult to ignore.

Replenish your reservoirs of resilience by grounding into your body and creating more positive narratives to manage your stress levels and gain more clarity and ease in your day to day life.

We have created a package based on the needs of many of our clients. It leverages modern science, somatic education and ancient wisdom to address the nervous system as well your mental well being. Journey with us over 5 weeks, and begin to understand how to reframe your stress and create strong pillars of resilience and healing.

The validity of this package is 5 weeks.

What’s Included:

2 x Psychotherapy or Counselling Sessions

1 x Myofascial Massage or Acupressure Massage

1 x Sweat & Freeze or Float

All Access Pass for Classes over the 5 week Duration. Committing to a regular mindfulness practice facilitates a deeper connection between our mind and body.

Classes include: Pick Me Up, Chill, Breathwork & Sound Therapy & Soma Circles.

Suggested Program:

Punctuate the weeks with classes and workshops.

Week 1Psychotherapy / Counselling
Week 2Myofascial Massage / Acupressure
Week 3Psychotherapy / Counselling
Week 4 /51 Sweat & Freeze / Float

Cost: $700