When it comes to health, there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. At Soma Haus, we create experiences for you to take better care of yourself and enjoy your journey.
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From tech-remedies to facilitated treatments with therapists, we are here to provide optimal integrated healing and lifestyle support.

At Soma Haus, we bring together a collective of industry professionals and utilise science-backed, non-invasive healing technology to create the most optimal environment for your body to heal. In world so hectic and demanding, we need to consistently show up for ourselves, actively offsetting the stress in order to avoid compounding health issues. At Soma Haus, we look to create an experience that evokes a sense of home where it’s not only easy but truly enjoyable to take better care of yourself.

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Our suite of non-invasive technology helps to create the most optimal environment for your body to heal. We believe that there are no shortcuts to health. Without consistent maintenance and support, the body cannot do what its best at doing - compensate, repair and regulate.  From saunas, ice baths to flotation devices, you can use them alone or as powerful combination for recovery and regulation.

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