First Timers to Soma Haus

Not sure how to start your wellness journey?

Healing can be messy and feel overwhelmingly confusing when you trying to figure it out on your own. With education as one of our main pillars, we are here to help you understand how your body and nervous system works; and what services or treatments are best suited for you to make that journey much easier to navigate.

Here's what we recommend all first timers to start with

Guided ice bath breathwork sessions soma haus

Nervous System Assessment & Consultation (75 mins)

During this session, our Educator & Therapist team will help you understand your nervous system and its responses. 

We utilise various assessment tools such as baseline Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and a curated Polyvagal Assessment Questionnaire. 

Together, with a brief discussion of your health history and a reflection of your responses of your nervous system in different situations, we curate a personal health plan to effectively improve your resilience. 

This session will give you insight into suitable practices you can progressively work with to down-regulate your nervous system from stress to calm and focus.

Still unsure? Reach us and book a discovery call instead.

Guided Sweat and Freeze (45 mins)

If you are feeling apprehensive to do ice baths on your own or unsure how to start your wellness program with us, you can work with our Educator and Breathwork Facilitator through a guided session. 

We will be teaching you a powerful and effective breathing protocol that will sufficiently prepare your body and mind for the ice baths. 

Studies have shown that the combination of breathwork with ice baths can significantly enhance the benefits of both practices, in particular, reducing stress levels significantly. 

*Even if you’re not a beginner, you can book our guides for an all-rounded practice and training in the ice. 

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