For Self-Exploration

Our services are everything that you can do on their own (without a therapist) and at your own pace. Our suite of non-invasive technology helps to create the most optimal environment for your body to heal. Without consistent maintenance and support, the body cannot do what its best at doing - compensate, repair and regulate. From saunas, ice baths to flotation devices and lymphatic compression pants, you can use them alone or as powerful combination for recovery and regulation.

Guided Sweat & Freeze

You will be guided by out Educator

If you are feeling apprehensive to do ice baths on your own or unsure how to start your wellness program with us, you can work with our Educator and Breathwork Facilitator through a guided session.

We will be teaching you a powerful and effective breathing protocol that will sufficiently prepare your body and mind for the ice baths.

Studies have shown that the combination of breathwork with ice baths can significantly enhance the benefits of both practices, in particular, reducing stress levels significantly.

Guided ice baths

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

For Sleep, Recovery and Longevity

Recover with our Hyperbaric Oxygen Cocoon®, which uses 100% oxygen at an ambient pressure greater than the air pressure at sea level (atmospheric pressure) to increase the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity. This saturates the blood with oxygen and accelerates tissue recovery by stimulating neurovascular regeneration. HBOT is known for its numerous benefits including enhanced blood circulation, boosting the immune system, support brain health and improving the cognitive performance. It can also be used to increase one’s healthspan and longevity.

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Single Session S$ 190
Starter (5 Sessions) | 2 Months S$ 900
Standard (10 Sessions) | 4 Months S$ 1650
Seasoned (20 Sessions) | 6 Months S$ 3200
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Cocoon

Sweat & Freeze (Ice Bath & Sauna Combo)

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Single Sweat & Freeze S$ 95
Starter (3 Sessions) | 1 Month S$ 275
Standard (5 Sessions) | 3 Months S$ 435
Seasoned (10 Sessions) | 6 Months S$ 840

Sweat (Infrared Sauna)

Our infrared saunas provide extensive health benefits, including pain relief, increased circulation, skin purification, muscle recovery, improved metabolism and immune system.

Our cedarwood, state-of-the-art Clearlight saunas use the penetrative power of infrared light to increase your body’s core temperature. This provides extensive health benefits, including pain relief, increased circulation, skin purification, muscle recovery, improved metabolism and immune system.

During your sauna session, you can unplug from the world and enjoy a moment of stillness. Alternatively, you can listen to music, a podcast or read a book. This is your time to un-wind. The infrared sauna experience will leave you feeling relaxed, grounded and rejuvenated.

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Single Sauna S$ 78
Starter (3 Sessions) | 1 Month S$ 225
Standard (5 Sessions) | 3 Months S$ 360
Seasoned (10 Sessions) | 6 Months S$ 680
Infrared Saunas in Singapore Soma Haus

Float Therapy

Unwind and reset your entire mind and body with an experience in the float pods. A scientifically proven method to facilitate powerful healing, deep relaxation, pain relief, recovery and stress relief.

With no external disturbances and the power of Epsom salts, allow yourself to fully rest and relieve any tension in your body or mind. The feeling of utter weightlessness will quickly transport you into a deep state of relaxation that is optimal in assisting your body’s natural healing response.

The first float is an experience, the full benefit is felt with cumulative floats. Each experience forms part of your own evolution. It’s a journey and incredibly personal. You will let go and connect with your true self. With each float, you will return to the world feeling more alive than before. It’s a unique wellness experience that benefits the body, mind and soul.

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Single Float S$ 95
Starter (3 Sessions) | 1 Month S$ 275
Standard (5 Sessions) | 3 Months S$ 435
Seasoned (10 Sessions) | 6 Months S$ 840
Floatation Therapy Soma Haus

Freeze (Ice baths)

Our ice baths assist in minimising inflammation to build the immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive systems, enhancing the overall quality of life. Perfect for post sauna when used as hot/cold therapy.

Activate the body’s natural healing powers using cold therapy. Ice Baths have been proven to be good for our health, athletic endurance, preventing muscle atrophy, increasing neurogenesis, improving learning and memory, and improving longevity. Cold exposure releases norepinephrine into the brain, where it is involved in vigilance, focus, attention and mood. It has also its role in pain, metabolism and inflammation.

It also activates cold thermogenesis, a way for the body to produce heat. The health benefits of cold thermogenesis are due to the activation of brown adipose tissue (BAT), a form of fat that burns regular fat for heat generation through fat oxidation.

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Single S$ 42
Starter (3 Sessions) | 1 Month S$ 120
Standard (5 Sessions) | 3 Months S$ 180
Seasoned (10 Sessions) | 6 Months S$ 340
Sweat & Freeze Soma Haus

Dual Sweat & Freeze (2 Pax)

Experience the powerful combination of Hot and Cold Therapy with a friend. This package is for 2 pax! Alternate between the two and give your body recovery time after exposure. Repeat the cycle as much as you can and work within your own threshold. For a start, we recommend 10-15 minutes in the sauna, 60-120 seconds in the ice bath and 5-8 minutes of rest in between each cycle. Approach our Educators for other protocols in line with your recovery or wellness goals!

Single S$ 120
3 Pack | 2 Months S$ 350
5 Pack | 3 Months S$ 570
10 Pack | 6 Months S$ 1100

Compression Pants (NormaTec)

Maximise you recovery and performance by using compression to improve circulation and promote the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Indulge in some quiet time with our compression pants, cup of warm tea and a good read in hand. An experience that speaks to self-care!

These pants were first used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to recover faster, reduce muscle soreness and stiffness, and enhance performance. However, they are increasingly being used by non-athletes and biohackers wanting to improve circulation and improve lymphatic flow in their body.

The pants are designed to apply pressure to the tissues of your legs, thighs, and hips, which can improve circulation and promote the flow of lymphatic fluid. Compression pants provide graduated compression, meaning that the pressure is highest at the ankle and gradually decreases as the garment goes up the leg. This helps to promote the flow of lymphatic fluid towards the lymph nodes, where it can be filtered and processed by the body.

NormaTec compression pants are safe and suitable to use for all bodies. It can be particularly beneficial for people who spend long periods of time sitting or standing, as well as those who suffer from conditions such as lymphedema or varicose veins.

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Single (30mins) S$ 45
Single (45mins) S$ 50
Normatec Compression Pants Soma Haus

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