Launch: Soma Circles Starting February

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We’re launching intimate circle shares (every fortnight) starting in Feb to support expression and connection with ourselves and others. These circles held in-person at Soma Haus are a safe space, bound by confidentiality and compassionate listening, that allow our emotions to take space. Each circle is moderated by a therapist and an educator.

There is a growing body of evidence in the scientific community to support how and why the body stores emotion. Think about the last time you were angry, and bring your attention to what your physical experience of that emotion was. You likely gritted your teeth, tightened your jaw, furrowed your brow, and clenched your fists, on a conscious or subconscious level.

These powerful emotions, and so many others – including traumatic experiences – are felt and expressed in the body in an undeniably physical way. They can also become trapped in the body, as we are often socialised to suppress our feelings, swallow our words, hold back anger and grief, and not prioritise our need for pleasure. Instead of allowing emotions, which is energy in motion, to flow through our bodies, we end up accumulating them in particular parts of the body, which can then manifest in physical discomforts and ills.

Through these small circle shares, learn to ground back into the body, explore the depths of your emotion and gain more clarity and insight to navigate the world.

Each circle will have a topic of discussion and exploration for the evening. You will be invited to share and explore the sensations in you body. Through this practice, the guidance and moderation of the team, you will be able to resource yourself and take home powerful tools and techniques that will nourish you in the long-term.