Practitioner Therapies

Soma Haus brings together a collective of industry professionals who are here to listen and support you to actively engage in your own health. With a strong focus on personalised care and wellness education, we move beyond a reactive approach to healthcare and empower our clients with the knowledge and body awareness to take charge of their healing journey. Kindly note that we would require a minimum 24 hr booking notice for all treatments with therapists.

Please be mindful of our cancellation policy:

A request to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours will incur a 50% charge of appointment fee; or 100% when less than 12 hours notice is given or you do not show up for your scheduled appointment.

Please note that we need a 24 hour notice for all therapies with therapists.

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Body-Based Therapies

Work with our team of therapists by selecting a body-based therapy that honours your unique wellness journey. From Physiotherapy to Acupressure Massage, our therapists are here to help you reconnect with your body and rewrite the narrative of your own strength and restoration.

Unsure where to start? Book in for a Nervous System Consultation instead.

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Mind-based Therapies

With the guidance of a counsellor or psychotherapist, navigate the intricate landscapes of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences to develop a better understanding of the self. Empower yourself with the tools and resilience to respond to current challenges in life. To find out which mind-based therapy is suitable for you, click to learn more.

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Our Nourish therapies are designed to be maintenance strategies and steady anchors in the midst of life’s fluctuations. We all know how stress is a real endemic hence we need to consistently shore up our physical health and deepen our emotional reservoirs.

To get the most out of your wellness programs at Soma Haus, book a Nervous System Consultation.

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Don’t know where to start ?

We recommend booking in for a Nervous System Consultation and a Guided Session with our Educator & Therapist or simply write to us by filling up the form below.