Looking at the Body as a Whole; Why Single Remedies May Not Be Enough

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Single remedies may relieve temporary relief, but lasting change and healing require a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. We have to look at the body as a whole, instead of its parts.

Did you know that our emotions can affect our posture and vice versa? When navigating extremely difficult circumstances, our body often takes on a more hunched-over or curled-in posture which in turn results in more tension being stored in our bodies. When our emotions don’t get the desired release or discharge, they can inform our posture significantly.

For instance, when we are anxious and hyper vigilant, some of us wear tension in our shoulders, unknowingly having it raised close to our ears.

An “anxious” or “low mood” posture when sustained for long periods of time may send cues to our brain & nervous system, creating a maladaptive response in our nervous system. Our rest and digest function, hormone production, immune system and sleep may get affected. This is because when the body is prioritising resources in either fight/flight or shutdown states, the body is naturally taken out of its normal regulation and healing state.

It is important to support the body in an integrative way by combining different approaches to health.
Soma Haus’ multidisciplinary team resources the body from different angles by designing a program that is unique to you. If it’s your first time and you’re unsure where to start, we recommend starting with our Nervous System Consultation.