Soma Socials: Immersion Deep Dive

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Soma Socials is an initiative by Soma Haus to promote social well-being and collective self-care in April and May. Research shows that social connectedness not only improves vagal tone (our resilience to stress) but also improves longevity and overall well-being. While we know how important it is to offset stress by carving out spaces for deep rest, what if we approached it from the perspective of deepening our social connection?

The campaign features an array of community activities from connection circles, support groups to immersions. In collaboration with  Wild Pearl and Clifford Clinic to promote social well-being, Soma Haus launches a brand new experience, “Immersion: Deep Dive.” 

The event offers a diverse lineup of group activities where participants can connect with like-minded individuals and experience different wellness practices at their own pace within a supportive environment of others and be guided by professional facilitators. 

Key Highlights:

  • Community Cold Plunges and Infrared Sauna
  • Group Lymphatic Compression Pants Sessions 
  • Physiotherapy consultation 
  • Heart Rate Variability Assessment
  • Health Screening (Blood Tests for Longevity & Health Optimisation)
  • Music and Dance Floor

All experiences at Soma Haus give back to the Sliding Scale – a program that pays it forward. 1% of our monthly revenue goes towards the sustainability of this program that helps many in difficult circumstances access the healthcare they need. Join us at Soma Haus in making self-care social, and together, we can rejoice in a system that supports our business, you, and many others in need of healing and self-care. Thank you for being part of our greater community.

1- 31 May | Purchase Promo at Soma Haus (Offer expires 31 May)