Co-Founder’s Note: Welcome to Soma Haus

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Soma Haus was conceptualised in early 2021 with a desire to be a wellness haven designed to transform the way you think about health. Often we look at athletes and fitness enthusiasts and presume that they are healthy. This is because the industry sells us a particular physique and lifestyle that feeds a perception that fitness alone is the key to good health. We forget that what health looks and feels like is different for everybody and ever body which is why at Soma Haus we want to lay the groundwork for an all encompassing dimension of health and well-being, beyond physical fitness, physique and performance.

As someone who was part of this industry, it wasn’t until my personal evolution as a therapist and the transformation I witnessed in my clients that I saw how narrow our understanding and approaches to health were. Clients often came to me when their symptoms were severely acute or already chronic; often as a “last resort”. The thing is our bodies are innately intelligent and constantly doing the work of regulating, repairing and compensating for the various loads we place on it. I have clients that have said they don’t understand how something as mundane as tying their shoelace or picking up a grocery bag resulted in them pulling their back. The thing is, it wasn’t just that one action that triggered the back problem but a multitude of factors that have overwhelmed the body over time. Other factors include stress levels, sleep quality, career satisfaction, family dynamics and personal aspirations etc. In other words, health and well-being also encompass the mental, emotional as well as the spiritual.

Sadly, there are no shortcuts to health. Without consistent maintenance and support, the body cannot compensate and optimally regulate itself. At Soma Haus, we bring together a collective of industry professionals and utilise science-backed, non-invasive healing technology to create the most optimal environment for your body to heal. In world so hectic and demanding, we need to consistently show up for ourselves, actively offsetting the stress in order to avoid compounding health issues. At Soma Haus, we look to create an experience that evokes a sense of home where it’s not only easy but truly enjoyable to take better care of yourself. We warmly invite you to come relax, recover and experience your complete self and well-being.

See you soon,

Kathy Gabriel