High vibrational living: How to regain your spark and vitality

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Why merely act happier when you could be more aligned with your best self? Three experts share what it takes to boost your vitality and tune in to a high vibrational life.

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It happens to the best of us. One minute you’re feeling the full promise of life; and the next, you’re staring at your reflection in the mirror wondering how you got to feel and look so… flat. If you’re longing to step out of your oppressive suit of malaise, then chances are an energetic shift is in order. High vibrational living may be associated with the vitality of youth, but consciously tapping into an elevated frequency is for us all to claim.

“High vibrational living is about being in alignment with your true self, your soul essence—choosing thoughts, behaviours and environments that nurture, expand and empower you,” shares Lalah Delia, bestselling author of Vibrate Higher Daily. “It’s also about embracing our connection to the bigger picture, setting necessary boundaries, and living in grace, love and compassion with ourselves and others along the way.

For Anna Lisicka, Singapore-based ayurvedic health counsellor and co-creator of Heart Space, it means taking responsibility for your own life and radiating “peace, joy, and gratitude to the world”.

By contrast, the low vibrational self is out of alignment with its authentic nature. It’s bogged down by disappointments, poor boundaries, processed foods or adrenaline-filled hypervigilance. From illness to workplace gossip or parenting your parents—everything can grind the energetic gears. “Living with negative or oppressive emotions can lead to choices that create a disconnection between our inner self and the world around us, ultimately causing disharmony within the body,” says Lisicka.

Physical manifestations of low vibe living may result in chronic pain, anxiety, weakened immune systems, digestive issues and fatigue.

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Nurturing the self

The good news is that regaining your spark is attainable. Our rhythms and vibrations are often in flux, depending on how we nurture ourselves, notes Kathy Gabriel, founder of wellness space, Soma Haus. She encourages us to get anchored to our internal resources, focusing on mental resilience, self-talk and behavioural patterns. This sense of nurturing extends to one’s diet.

According to Delia: “Food carries high or low vibrations and energy. And this is an important factor when it comes to our vitality. Eating nutrient-dense foods that help us to feel energised, clear-minded, empowered and connected is worth exploring.”

“‘Like attracts like’ is an ayurvedic truth which reminds us that consuming fresh and organic sattvic foods, leading a healthy lifestyle, and prioritising sufficient sleep will create a similarly positive impact on our well-being and vitality,” shares Lisicka.

Sometimes it can be as simple as waiting an hour or two to drink your first coffee, says Gabriel, who opts for warm water and lemon during her morning walks. Aside from being kinder to the gut and hormones, she describes this small yet effective switch as “a game changer”as it is a gentler start to the day.

Delia also turns to plant medicine nervines and soothing herbal teas when she feels like a shift in her vibration is in order. The spiritual writer looks to “relaxing nature sounds, somatic practice and solitude”.

It’s also vital to recognise negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns of behaviour in order to energetically shift to a higher vibration. This move out of stagnation and into greater harmony and flow, according to Delia, means learning how to cultivate self-compassion.

Nurturing your outer world

The ‘inner work’ is balanced with drawing from external resources of energy, which includes sweating it out with exercise, reconnecting with the wonder of nature and spending time with your community.

“I’ve been incorporating ice baths and saunas into my rituals but with a twist,” shares Gabriel, who hosts wellness catch-ups with friends in place of drinking and eating. “This helped fill my connection bucket as well as my health, hormone and metabolism bucket too.” And all experts we spoke to agree: having boundaries is essential to remaining high vibrational.

“Challenges and unharmonious interactions can be depleting,” Delia acknowledges. “In order to maintain or regain our vitality from depletion, it’s important to be mindful that you ‘observe without absorbing’ other people’s stuff and ‘don’t take it personally’.

Have meaningful conversations with your ‘safe’ people while exercising gentle yet assertive boundaries—“even with family”, Gabriel affirms.

Vibrating higher

Ultimately, the best way to ‘pop’ back into your vitality is to “journey in grace with yourself, focus on nourishing your whole being—mind, body, energy and soul—because you are all of these aspects,” advises Delia.

“Vibrate higher from wherever you find yourself. Wellness and spirituality are not about perfection but about continual growth and development. Boundaries protect your energy, solitude creates rest, laughter leads to joy, and somatic practices such as movement, dance, massage and breathing work cleanse your energy and restore your sense of vitality.”