Is Floatation Therapy a New Way to Meditate?

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Find out why this womb-like experience might enhance the way you meditate.

For those of you unfamiliar to Floatation pods here’s a short history. It was developed in 1954 by John C. Lilly in the process of experimenting with sensory deprivation. These float tanks were designed to be filled with water heated to body temperature, and be light and sound proof. The result is an experience that leads one to a peaceful, meditative state, where the body is free, even for moment, from the seemingly non-stop stimulation of our modern world

What is a meditative state?

It differs for each individual, for we are, after all, individual- but the general consensus is a feeling of being completely present in the body, where your attention is fully on the present moment. There are no outside distractions, just you

And like all the good things, this sounds simple. For many, the stressors, stimulation and sounds of an electronic device going off is not conducive for being present in a meditative state. 

A confronting or comforting experience?

The mention of being deprived of your senses might sound like a nightmare for some- being trapped in a tank with nowhere to run from your thoughts is not the most appetising way of putting it. But not just for the many who experience sensory overload, this is a perfect way to unplug without taking a long vacation. 

During your float experience, there might be sensations and thoughts that you might have to confront. What is usually pushed to the back of our minds in favour of the more shiny, dopamine-providing activities of scrolling, texting and consuming will come to the front. The comfort here, is that when you bring everything out into the light, and allow it to shine on everything, every thought that rests buried on the underside of the stones of your mind, you have so much room for the truth, which ultimately, leads to liberation.

Flotation Therapy in Soma Haus

Our float pods and you

You know how relaxing it is when you finally make the time to take a long soak in the bath? Imagine stepping into a tub the size of a walk-in closet, adding 300 kilos of Epsom salt, turning off the lights and soundproofing the room, and matching the water temperature exactly to the temperature of your skin. Now, you’re floating, literally.

Completely weightless and with no opportunity to be distracted and tugged in all different directions, allow yourself a calm, quiet space to just be. Most of our guests at Soma Haus enjoy pairing a massage before the float to ease the body before completely surrendering to the experience of floating.

Speak to our trained and skilled educators who tailor a plan that incorporates float therapy and other treatments for you to be aligned with your best, most healed self.